MILLENNIUM CAT Sailing Charters
Moreton Bay -
Sub Tropical Paradise
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Moreton Bay is a Fantastic holiday destination - dozens of Islands including Moreton Island, North & South Stradbroke, the largest Sand Islands after Fraser.
Crystal clear waters surround these sandy isles - great for snorkelling & diving.

There is an abundance of wildlife, you will see Dolphins, Turtles,
maybe a Dugong or Humpback Whale, catch fish & swim safely in calm waters.

Tangalooma is a Beautiful Resort Area on the inshore side of Moreton Island - visitors are welcome, Safe Anchorage area, the Wrecks are great for Snorkelling. Brisbane's best kept secret - Moreton Island.

Make a date to visit this wonderful place, so close to Brisbane & the Gold Coast. If you decide to do a week long charter there are heaps of places to explore. Sail safely inshore to the Gold Coast. Anchor up off SeaWorld & spend a day there!